Welcome to the Huntington Station Court Homeowners Association website.  Please use this community website to learn more about past and future events.


Email seems to be the best way to get community news and information out to all the residents and homeowners so the majority of our communication is sent electronically.  If you are not currently receiving community messages via email, please contact Gena Salonga of Summit Management at gena@summitmanage.com with your email address.  The email distribution roster is used to disseminate messages such as parking restrictions or towing enforcement announcements during those times when the curbs need to be painted or the asphalt needs to be sealed or repaired, crime updates, community events, and the like.

Moving In/Out

All18-wheel trucks are strictly prohibited in the development because the streets are very narrow and the turns are too tight for the drivers to be able to navigate the road without going up over the curb.  In 2007, Huntington Station had a very expensive irrigation system installed and in addition to damage to the lawns and curbs themselves, the larger trucks destroy the sprinkler heads when they drive over the curbs.  Residents will need to contact their moving company in advance of any move in/out to let them know that they cannot bring an 18-wheeled rig into the community.  If the movers must deliver from an 18-wheel vehicle, they can park on Midtown Avenue (NOT on Huntington Station Court) and then ferry the goods via a smaller truck from that point to the home.  If the movers refuse to heed this warning, any charges for damages (including the cost to repaint the yellow curbs, sod replacement, irrigation system repairs, etc.) will be billed directly to the resident’s unit and the resident or landlord (in the case of rental units) will be responsible for any claims that are made.


Parking is monitored around the clock, 24/7.  Permits must be visible and hung from the rear-view mirror AT ALL TIMES.  Anyone in the community can call the towing company if a vehicle is blocking their driveway or if it is parked in a fire lane, regardless of the towing enforcement hours.  Driveway aprons are also considered fire lane areas unless vehicles are small enough to fit on these short driveways without extending past the yellow line.  Vehicles that extend into or beyond the yellow fire lines will be towed even if they have a valid permit.  Each residence was initially provided with two parking tags.  Any resident who loses one or both of these tags will have to purchase new ones if they wish to park in the visitor spaces.  Permits can be purchased by contacting Gena Salonga at Summit Management.  Gena’s email is gena@summitmanage.com.  The cost is $25 per hanging tag and there is a limit of two per household.  Any tag reported as lost will be deactivated.  If anyone tries to use a deactivated permit, they will be towed at their own expense.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to all residents, including on-site owners and tenants, as well as off-site owners.  The dates for the next four Board meetings are October 14, 2009; January 13, 2010; April 14, 2010; and July 14, 2010 (annual meeting).  Details regarding each meeting will be sent out several weeks in advance of each meeting.  The meetings usually start at 7:00 p.m. and are held at the home of one of the Board members or at Ted’s Montana Grill on Eisenhower Avenue.  The annual meeting is usually held at one of the nearby public libraries.  After each meeting, the Board secretary prepares meeting minutes, and those minutes are emailed to everyone on the email roster.

Trash/Recycling Collection

Garbage pickup is on Tuesday mornings.  It is included in our County taxes so new residents do not need to do anything to initiate or cancel service.  Fairfax County picks up every Tuesday morning (early and the time varies), so trash cans should be out at curb-side on Monday evening.  The same goes for the recycle bins.  HOA rules stipulate that trash cans may not be put out before 4 p.m. the day before pickup (Monday) and must be removed no later than 6 a.m. the day following pickup (Wednesday).  For residents who travel, please ask a neighbor if they can put the trash can in/out for you so that people do not complain.

Mail Box Keys

For the mail box keys, if they are not in the house upon move-in, residents will have to contact the post office on King’s Highway (across the street from the Huntington Metro, but on the King’s Highway side, not the Huntington Ave. side).  That is the post office that serves our community.  The post office will know which mail box number belongs to each unit.  The HOA does not have a list of which box belongs to which unit.  All of the mail concerns are handled by the post office.


This area is relatively safe, but police advise keeping your doors and windows  locked and your garage door closed.  They also recommend keeping the area well lighted by burning front porch lights and rear lights at night to deter crime.  There is a neighborhood watch committee and signs are posted at the entrance to the property.  As always, report suspicious activity to the police.